Cold-Blooded Couple Tried for USC Hit and Run

A hit-and-run driver killed one USC student and severely injured another. INSIDE EDITION speaks to the mother of the deceased victim and the surviving student about the sentence handed down to the driver.

Raw emotion and anger in an LA courtroom as a distraught mother screamed at the cold-blooded couple who killed her daughter in a horrific hit and run accident.

"I lost my baby and I guarantee you society lost a star" Carmen Bachan said in court.

Bachan is still overcome with grief over the loss of her youngest daughter, Adrianna.  She showed INSIDE EDITION the shrine set up in her living room for the 18-year-old girl.
"I'm never gonna see my Adrianna graduating again.  I'm never gonna see her get married.  I can't even plan a birthday party." Carmen said emotionally.
Adrianna's first year at the University of Southern California came to a tragic end.  She and fellow college student Marcus Garfinkle were crossing the street when they were literally mowed down.
What happened next will send chills down your spine.

The students were crossing the street when the car ran a red light, hitting both of them.  Adrianna was killed instantly, but Marcus was thrown in the air and smashed through the windshield.

His mangled, bloody body was stuck in the shattered glass of the windshield.  Incredibly, the couple in the car kept driving.  They didn't stop until much further down the street at which point the husband pulled Marcus from the shattered glass, slicing him on the windshield.  He dumped Marcus on the side of the road and just took off.

The driver and her husband pled no contest to felony hit and run.

Marcus broke down as he confronted the merciless couple in court.  "I was treated like an animal and I will never forget waking up on the side of the street covered in blood, naked."
Photos show the horrible injuries Marcus suffered.  His mangled legs needed muscle grafts and titanium rods to support his shattered bones.  A 12-inch scar on his stomach shows where he was sliced as he was pulled through the windshield.
INSIDE EDITION took Marcus back to the intersection and he showed us what happened that fateful night.

Marcus said, "He carried me in the windshield just before that light down there.  About 400 feet, 10 to 15 seconds on the windshield."

Unbelievably, the driver is a preschool teacher and mother of five.  She says she ran because she had been drinking, but she insists she was not drunk.  

In court, her husband apologized to the victims.
"We are truly sorry for the great pain we caused you," he said.

Marcus told INSIDE EDITION, "I believe that he's sorry, but he's sorry he got caught."

The driver received the maximum sentence of 8 years and her husband received 7.  But, Adrianna's mother says that is not enough.  She calls them both monsters who should be in jail for the rest of their lives.