Injured Biker's Family Holds Press Conference

The family of the paralyzed biker who was run over in the chaos of the confrontation in New York is speaking out at a press conference. Meanwhile, we're learing the identity of more bikers involved in the incident.

The distraught family of a biker paralyzed in that terrifying confrontation that has shocked the nation is speaking out.

The wife and mother of biker Edwin Mieses appeared at a news conference with celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred.

Mieses' wife said at the news conference, "It tears me up that anyone could think that Edwin, in any way, deserves what happened to him."

Allred stated to the press, "Edwin is not a member of any gang. He loves to ride motor bikes and he came to New York City with his best friend to participate in a ride. Nothing more."

The biker was run over by panicked driver Alexian Lien, who was surrounded in the Range Rover with his wife, Rosalyn, and two-year-old daughter on New York City's West Side Highway.  

The family said in yesterday's statement that they were in "grave danger" but also expressed sympathy for the paralyzed biker.

But, Geraldo Rivera is blasting the paralyzed biker on Fox and Friends, saying, "We think he has a criminal record. His privilege to drive at all has been revoked in his native Massachusetts. So, I'm just saying that this guy really sounds like a punk."

Mieses' wife said at the press conference, "He is an adoring and caring father to our two children, until he was run over by this SUV."

Meanwhile, we now know the identity of the biker at the center of this wild melee. Cops say 38-year-old Reginald Chance is the biker videotaped bashing in the window of the Range Rover with his silver helmet right before the driver was savagely beaten.

The suspect is expected to turn himself in Friday. He works at a Brooklyn sandwich shop and reportedly has at least 21 prior arrests, including drugs, weapons possession and robbery. 

And we're learning the identity of the guy who brought those bikers into New York City in the first place. Many of them were members of a group called Hollywood Stuntz, and one guy named Jamie Lao is said to be the leader.



The New York Post describes him as a "mama's boy" who lives in the basement of his mother's home.