Groom Pulls Off Surprise Wedding For His Bride

The proposal and the wedding happened in the same day and INSIDE EDITION talks to the happy couple about the bride's suprise wedding.

A woman was about to marry the love of her life, only she didn't know it yet.

Amanda Roman thought she was in Miami to visit friends. She had no idea that her boyfriend of five years, Ryan Leak is about to do something spectacular.  

"It would honor me so much if you would marry me."

Ryan not only planned the perfect proposal, but also the perfect wedding. Yep, both the proposal and the wedding happened all on the same day!  

Amanda told INSIDE EDITOIN , "I was so in shock. I was so excited."

As luck would have it, Ryan stumbled upon Amanda's Pinterest account in which she created a page titled "My Dream Wedding."

"She kind of planned her own wedding without the stress of planning her own wedding," said Ryan.

Using her own photos as a guide, Ryan spent an entire year getting every detail right. But what about the wedding gown? Believe it or not, Ryan convinced Amanda to go gown shopping a year earlier.

Ryan explained, "So, she goes, 'Hey, I don't want to be the girl who has the dress without a ring.' I said, 'Just get it. Just have it.'"

"I was just happy I fit in the dress on the day of," said Amanda.

One hundred family and friends were in on the surprise as well. Everyone kept the secret, giving Amanda the surprise of a lifetime and, yes, the wedding of her dreams.   

Amanda fondly recalled, "it really was a fairytale moment for me."