Carrie Prank Goes Viral After Scaring Customers

As the Carrie remake premieres in Hollywood, a prank video promoting the film goes viral. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop. 

It's straight out of a Stephen King book.

A woman freaks out in a New York coffee shop after a guy spills coffee on her. Then she sends him flying up a wall using her powers of telekinesis.

Is this a real life Carrie caught on tape?

No, it is not!  It's a new kind of advertisement called "prankvertising." To promote the remake of the horror movie Carrie, Sony Studios set up hidden cameras in a Manhattan coffee shop. Many of the people in the coffee shop were actors who were in on the gag, but others were regular customers there for their morning cup of joe and they got quite a jolt.

The reactions are huge when "Carrie" makes the tables move. The tables are actually on rollers and are remote controlled.

The video was uploaded to YouTube yesterday and already has 3.8 million views. Check it out below.

Meantime, we're on the red carpet for the Hollywood premiere of Carrie starring Julianne Moore and newcomer Chloe Moretz, who plays the high school loner with awesome psychic powers.

Watch The Cast of Carrie Talk About The Movie At Film's Premiere

Moretz said, "I never got scared on set. It was exciting and silly most of the time."

The movie is a  remake of the 1976 horror classic starring a young Sissy Spacek. Who can forget when she gets doused in pig blood at the prom?

Fortunately for the folks in the New York coffee shop, there was no blood, only that blood curdling scream.