Consumer Reports Gives Heidi Klum Stroller Bad Rating

The baby stroller Heidi Klum designed has received a "Don't Buy" rating from Consumer Reports over safety issues. INSIDE EDITION speaks with Consumer Reports about the problem.

Supermodel Heidi Klum appears in an ad for the top-of the-line baby stroller she personally designed, saying, "I put my own special touches on everything babies need. My new collection at Babies "R" Us is Truly Scrumptious."

But Klum is under fire today. Consumer Reports magazine says the Heidi Klum Truly Scrumptious stroller is unsafe.

Consumer Reports gives it a resounding: "Don't buy."

The Heidi Klum stroller comes with a detachable car seat and sells for $220 at Babies R Us. The problem, according to Consumer Reports is the harness on the stroller popped open 10 times in 15 tests.

Consumer Reports says that a baby could tumble out of the stroller if a harness pops open when pulled.

Bob Markovich of Consumer Reports told INSIDE EDITION, "There's a greater chance that the child could fall out of the stroller and that's really significant considering that falls account for some 75 percent of more than 46,000 emergency room visits that are related to strollers over the past several years."

No actual injuries using the Heidi Klum stroller have been reported.

Heidi Klum said today that safety is a top priority for her and she has already contacted the manufacturer. The manufacturer says they disagree with Consumer Reports' findings based on their own tests.