Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos' Biological Father Was Circus Performer

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos never knew his biological father. Now, a new book reveals Bezos' father was a circus performer. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

He's the man who revolutionized the way we buy stuff Jeff Bezos, the founder of

Now, a fascinating new aspect of his life is being revealed. Bezos's father has only just learned that his son is the 12th richest man in America.

And who is Bezos' biological father? He was once a circus performer for Ringling Brothers. He rode a unicycle.

The eye-popping revelation comes in a new book, The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos And The Age Of Amazon, by Bloomberg Businessweek writer Brad Stone.

Bezos's parents split when he was just 17 months old and his biological father lost contact with young Jeff. The boy was raised by his mom and her second husband, Mike Bezos who adopted the youngster.

Jeff Bezos once said of his birth dad, "I've never met him. The only time I ever think about it is when a doctor asks me to fill out a form."

The book's author tracked down Bezos's birth father, Ted Jorgensen. He's 69 and owns a popular bike store outside Phoenix. Bezos's birth dad had no idea his long-lost son grew up to be the Amazon founder who's now worth an estimated $27 billion.

Informed that his son was Jeff Bezos, "Jorgensen said he didn't know who Jeff Bezos was," Stone writes.

Of his long-lost son, Jorgensen said, "I didn't know where he was, if he had a good job or not, or if he was alive or dead."

Jorgensen gave INSIDE EDITION a statement Friday saying: "I, Ted J. Jorgensen, am the biological father of Jefferey Preston Bezos, born Jefferey Preston Jorgensen."

He says allowing his son to be adopted was "a decision that I have regretted my whole life."

Ironically, another business legend, the late Steve Jobs was also adopted and never had a relationship with his biological father, who now manages a restaurant.