Behind-The-Scenes With Arsenio Hall

INSIDE EDITION got a personal tour from Arsenio Hall himself on the set of his late night show.

Arsenio Hall has been back on the air for barely a month and he's whooping it up louder than ever. Late night's hottest host is rolling with his posse and INSIDE EDITION is backstage for all the action.
Of course, Arsenio is poking fun at the breakup of Bruce and Kris Jenner. He joked in his opening monologue, “Kris and Bruce were married for 22 years and not many people know this but they were the first lesbian couple ever married in California.”

The jokes continued when Arsenio took INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret on an exclusive tour behind-the-scenes of his wildly popular show.

He said, “I am more comfortable here than I am at home or a family reunion in Cleveland.”

Watch Arsenio Talk About His Show And Take Moret A Set Tour

Things you don't see when Arsenio is doing his monologue are his "mark" on the stage.

Moret observed and said, “You have not only a mark, it's your logo.”

Arsenio calls the orange room, “The Dawg Pound.” It's where guests like Tyra Banks cool their high heels before their appearances. Arsenio said, “That's where the party starts.”
No one is immune from Arsenio's good-natured jabs, not even Kanye West, the self proclaimed creative genius.

“Kanye is an amazing talented musician and if you don't believe that, just ask him,” joked Arsenio.  
Arsenio says his second go round on late night is different. He's having fun and hopes everyone comes to his party.

He said, “I'm working harder than I ever have to get eyeballs on moi. I’m here cause I love doing this and I hope it all works.”

Moret replied, “I do too.”

Arsenio said, “Thank you, buddy.”