Dry Ice Bombs Found At LAX

The danger of dry ice bombs is questioned after four were found at LAX. INSIDE EDITION reports.

It's a disturbing and potentially very dangerous explosive device known as the dry ice bomb.

Four dry ice bombs have been found at Los Angeles International Airport. Two of them exploded and what's more troubling is that the devices were planted in secure areas accessible only to airport employees.

Officers with bomb-sniffing dogs were on patrol at the airport Tuesday.

An officer told INSIDE EDITION, "We are on high alert because of what happened. We are just taking precautions."

YouTube has numerous videos showing how destructive dry ice bombs can be.

In one video, one kid is lucky to escape injury when the bomb went off in his hand. Another video shows a guy who suspected his bomb was a bust. When he picks it up to check, it exploded. His two buddies also had a narrow escape.

In a Discovery Channel show, the power of a dry ice bomb was obvious. They said in the show, "It can have extremely explosive results.”

Discovery issued a stern warning: "This is a real explosion and something no one should mess with."

Cops think there is no terrorism link to the LAX dry ice bombs, but it is another peril in these dangerous times.