Neighbors Testify In Martin MacNeill Murder Trial

Neighbors of accused murderer Dr. Martin MacNeill testified in court and relived how they found Michele Martin's body in the bathtub. INSIDE EDITION has the report.

Two next-door neighbors who raced to help the day doctor Martin MacNeill's wife, Michele Martin, died in the bathtub relived the drama at the facelift murder trial.

Doctor Martin MacNeill is accused of drowning his wife, a former beauty queen. Prosecutors say he had doped her up on pain medication as she recuperated from a facelift she allegedly had at his insistence.

Next-door-neighbor Kristi Daniels told how Michele’s six-year-old daughter had come knocking that day and said her father needed help. The neighbor raced to the MacNeills' home.

Kristi said, "I felt something urgent needed to happen. Michele was in the tub and Martin was over of the tub. Michele had a long black shirt on. Nothing else."

Kristi was also shown an identical bathtub Michele was found in and demonstrated the position of the body.

Nancy Grace told INSIDE EDITION, "The bathtub has been brought into the courtroom. Now, the judge has already reprimanded all the lawyers, 'Nobody is going to be climbing into that bathtub.'"

Michele still apparently had the marks of her facelift as Kristi pointed out.

Kristi's husband, Doug, showed how he helped the doctor lift the body from the tub.

Doug said, "I got my hands under her knees and lifted her straight out and laid her down just beside the tub. She was definitely lifeless, she looked a little discolored and puffy."

The neighbor said Martin later told her his wife had died of natural causes.

Another neighbor, Angie Angular, also described the awful scene in the bathroom the day Michele died.

She said, "Her whole face started bleeding. So, she had incisions along her face and those incisions, in my opinion, when CPR began, opened and started to bleed a little."

Prosecutors say Martin killed his wife so he could be with his mistress, Gypsy Willis, who he later hired as his kids' nanny.

Grace said, "Within just a couple of hours of his wife being pronounced dead at the hospital, he has already cleaned out all of her closets, so he can make room for his lovers clothes and shoes."

Martin MacNeill has pleaded not guilty and says his wife died of natural causes.