Will O.J. Simpson be the New Televangelist?

O.J. Simpson's manager says Simpson wants to become a televangelist when he gets out of prison. Could it work, or would it be a collasal failure? INSIDE EDITION has more.

Is O.J. Simpson thinking of becoming a televangelist?

The TV show is called Holy Safari, and the notorious Simpson would be the host.

Simpson's manager, Norman Pardo, told INSIDE EDITION, “He was picked… because of his background. No one has been more persecuted than him, and he still believes in God... He believes God put him in prison for a reason."

Pardo actually calls Simpson “A prophet.”

Simpson is now serving a prison sentence in the Nevada State Prison for armed robbery and kidnapping, following the crazy incident at a Vegas hotel room where he tried to gain possession of the football memorabilia that, as he claimed, was stolen from him.

He was famously acquitted of the 1994 murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her late-friend Ron Goldman.

Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz stressed that, “Nobody wants to see O.J. Simpson on television.”

Watch Dershowitz Talk About O.J.'s Possible TV Move

He was a consultant to Simpson's defense team and is the author of a new book entitled Taking the Stand: My Life in the Law.

Dershowitz told INSIDE EDITION, “What I said to O.J. is, ‘The public hates you. Get out of their sight. Everybody thinks you’re guilty.’”

Simpson is studying the Bible and also the Quran in prison, in pitching the show to various cable networks. Pardo said Simpson will interview religious leaders, including the Pope.

Good luck scoring that interview, O.J.!