Older Actors Become TV's Latest Trend

Network TV crafted a new trend this season by using veteran actors as stars of new shows. INSIDE EDITION explains.

It's the biggest trend this season in TV sitcoms, recycling old, and we do mean old stars.

Comedy veteran George Segal has been cast playing the crusty grandfather in the ABC sitcom, The Goldbergs.
He told INSIDE EDITION, “This would be my first grandpa and that's nice cause you don't carry the show as grandpa, you visit as grandpa."

He took INSIDE EDITION behind-the-scenes of the show as he rehearsed his lines. At 79, he is the oldest of the actors turning primetime into a senior moment.

Watch Segal Discuss His Role on The Goldbergs

Legendary tough guy James Caan, who famously played Sonny Corleone from The Godfather is now 73 years old. He's starring in ABC’s Back in the Game playing a retired major league slugger.

Seventy-one-year-old Beau Bridges is playing the newly-divorced family patriarch in CBS' The Millers.
Remember Peter Riegert from Animal House? He's now 66, and is playing opposite 70-year-old Martin Mull, who you may remember from the 80's movie Mr. Mom on FOX’s Dads.

So, is Hollywood rejecting the youth movement by dusting off the old pros?

Mike Fleeman, West Coast editor of People magazine, told INSIDE EDITION, “The audience wants to see these kinds of characters because they relate to these kinds of characters. Also, let's face it, these are great actors.”