INSIDE EDITION Celebrates 25 Years On-Air In New Book

INSIDE EDITION chronicled our 25 years on-air in a new book, The Way We Are: Heroes, Scoundrels and Oddballs from 25 Years of Inside Edition, written by Deborah Norville.

The book is called The Way We Are: Heroes, Scoundrels and Oddballs From 25 Years of INSIDE EDITION and the first reviews are in!

Piers Morgan told INSIDE EDITION’s Deborah Norville, "Deb, it's a fascinating book. There are so many great stories!"

Brian Kilmeade on Fox and Friends said, "Check out this book, it's terrific!"

Julie Chen on The Talk told Norville, “Congratulations on 25 years!”

The stories you've loved to watch are now the stories you'll love to read. They are stories from across the nation and around the world.

Norville’s own adventures from everything from a singer to a prisoner are in there, too!

She said, "These were different ideas that people dreamed up, and let's see what happens. But they were fun!"

Page after page of the very best stories we've told for the past quarter of a century.

Stories of courage and the courage it takes to get the story. There are stories that entertain and the entertainers on the red carpet.

"It's a trip down memory lane,” said Norville.

When it comes to unforgettable memories, we wrote the book!

Order your copy today on or at Barnes and Noble.