Is Blonde, Blue-Eyed Girl Found In Greek Gypsy Camp Missing Baby Lisa Irwin?

Is the blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl found living with Gypsies in Greece really missing baby Lisa Irwin? INSIDE EDITION speaks with Lisa's parents who are holding out hope.

New hope for the parents of missing baby Lisa Irwin. They say this girl found in Greece may be her long-lost daughter.

"There's a big possibility it could be her," Deborah told INSIDE EDITION. "If it is her, I want her now. I don't want to wait."

The little girl, known as Maria and nicknamed "the blonde angel," is at the center of an international mystery after she was found living in a camp of gypsies.

DNA tests prove the man and woman who were raising her are not her parents. They have been charged with kidnapping.

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Now, Deborah Bradley, the mother of the baby who disappeared from her crib in Kansas two years ago, says she is convinced pretty, blue-eyed Maria could well be her daughter.

"We called the FBI and they have contacted overseas and requested some help," said Deborah.

An age-progression picture shows how little Lisa might look now. Compare that to the blonde angel found in Greece.

Deborah said, "As I went through little Maria's picture and we started comparing. the more we did that, the more it looked like her."

Lisa's father, Jeremy Irwin, says the girl in Greece has similar features to his mother.

"She's a very close spitting image of her," said Deborah.

Deborah and Jeremy just marked the second anniversary of their daughter's baffling disappearance. They have kept Lisa's room just the same, even continuing to buy clothing and gifts for the day she returns.

So, could the blonde angel really be Lisa? Was Deborah's little girl the victim of an international child trafficking ring? Or is it wishful thinking by parents desperate for answers? Well, Lisa would now be nearly three. The girl in Greece seems to be older.

Fox News legal commentator Mark Fuhrman doubts that the blonde angel is really Lisa. Fuhrman said on Fox News, "It's pretty absurd."

Deborah tearfully told INSIDE EDITION, "Of course I want it to be her. But if it's not, it gives us hope that she will be found. And it also makes me feel good that the little girl, more than likely, will find her parents too."