Pope Francis Shares The Stage With Little Boy

A six-year-old boy named Carlos unexpectedly joined Pope Francis when he addressed thousands in Rome at St. Peter's Square. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Check out the pope and his little pal!

You don't see this every day. When Pope Francis addressed more than 100,000 people at St. Peter's Square in Rome, a six-year-old boy came out of nowhere to join him!

 A security guard tried to lure him away with candy but the kid refused to go as he shared the stage with the pope for more than twenty minutes! The crowd cheered as the boy hugged the pope! The pope took it in stride as he patted the boy on the head. He even escorted a young girl to the pope's side as if he were the pope's personal aide! The boy then waived to the crowd with both arms.

And when the boy got tired from his "official" duties, he took a breather in the pope's chair.

So, who is this little scene-stealer? He's being identified only as Carlos, an orphan from Colombia who was adopted by an Italian family less than a year ago.

Nobody will ever forget the pope and little orphan Carlos, whose adoptive mother put it perfectly in a statement, "The blessing our son received goes out to all the abandoned children in this world."