Wizards Cheerleaders Prepare For Halloween With Style

The Washington Wizards have their season debut on Friday but this hasn't stopped the team's cheerleaders from dressing up for Halloween the night before. INSIDE EDITION has more.

The Washington Wizard girls are getting ready for their home opener Friday night in the nation's capital. But Halloween comes first, so the Wizard girls are giving INSIDE EDITION a preview of the hottest looks for the wildest night of the year.

You can't go wrong with the form fitting cat suit being worn by Britney.

Style expert Katlean DeMonchy said, "Well, Britney you are one luscious leopard. That is one sexy outfit from head to toe and it's only $39.99."

Party City helped us put together these costumes, including a devilishly darling get up. Naughtiness never looked this good.

"We put another outfit together by mixing different pieces. Now, you wont have to sell your soul to the Devil, but this will set you back $75.00," commented DeMonchy.

Another one's called the Candy Fairy and the look can be all yours for $39.99. And you just knew that Miley Cyrus' famous twerking outfit would be a popular costume this year.    

And click your heals three times if you want to look like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. This cute costume can be yours for $24.99; Toto not included.

And on Abby, a Queen of Hearts costume hit the jackpot at $49.99.

Fun looks for a great night out, and three cheers to the Wizard girls!