Enraged Man Drives Car Into His Own Living Room

An irate grandfather allegedly drove through his own home over an argument over cell phone usage. INSIDE EDITION has more.

A man driving crashed right into his own house, and it was all caught on video.

"I just thought that the guy lost his mind," said Sadrach Chavez, the man who caught the incident on tape.

Chavez was heading home when he noticed a commotion on the front lawn of a neighbor's house in Marietta, Georgia.

"This lady was actually in front of a car with her hands out, and I could hear the kids saying, 'Dad, stop,' " commented Chavez.

He took out his cell phone and recorded the wild scene.

The man behind the wheel was identified as 68-year-old Mark Cotter. Cops said a family argument over his grandchildrens cell phone use triggered the tirade. Before he drove through the house, he rammed into his daughter's car parked in the driveway.

Chavez said, "He stepped on the gas and he started doing donuts. I thought he was going to go peel out and take off down the road, but then he turned back and ran his car into, what looked like, the living room of the house."

The damage to the house was extensive.