Videos Of Angry Women Ignite The Web

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and INSIDE EDITION found a slew of videos that showcase women taking out their anger.

In one video posted online, an angry woman pounded away at a red sports car with a hammer. Her destructive tantrum lasts more than four minutes and her partner recorded the whole thing.

Off-camera, her partner said, “Good job, you just destroyed our vehicle."

Another angry woman vented by practicing her golf swing on a car.

In another video, an angry woman with the hammer could be heard on the video screaming, "This is what happens when you cheat on girls! They (blanking) go crazy!"

And another woman was shredding her boyfriend's property with a big knife on camera, no less. She cut up his blue yoga mat to pieces and left it on the floor, saying, "I'm going to go crazy and cut it up, 'cuz that's what he deserves!"

Now, would you believe a self-admitted crazy woman and another calm, cool and collected woman are one and the same? Brandi Simmons, who says she is a woman scorned, has no regrets about putting her act of vengeance out there for all to see.

She told INSIDE EDITION, "Oh, I was furious! I was insane! For everything he put me through, I wanted to cut it all up!"

The reviews are in.

Simmons said, "People who see my video are one way or another. Either ‘You're crazy, a psycho," or "You go, girl!"

Dr. Wendy Walsh, author of The 30 Day Love Detox, said this kind of vengeful, destructive behavior doesn't do any good.

She said, "Actually, you don't feel better. Unfortunately, the way she is doing it, it's making her look crazy instead of him!"

That may be, but the crowd sure enjoyed watching the woman pound at her boyfriend's car with a hammer when they cheered in the streets.

So, maybe these women should have cooled down before they acted. Brandi Simmons admits she'd lost her mind during her wild shredding escapade, but, at the time, she admitted, “It felt so great! It felt so good!"