'Full House' Child Actor Blake McIver Turned Go-Go Dancer

When the acting roles dried up, Full House child star Blake McIver found a new way to pay the rent as a go-go dancer. INSIDE EDITION caught up with the actor-turned dancer.

On the 80's sitcom Full House, Blake McIver played Derek, the precocious pal of the Olsen twins. But you'll never guess where we found McIver today. He's a go-go dancer.

In this INSIDE EDITION exclusive, 28-year-old McIver tells us how he went from cute child star to dancing in short shorts. So, why did he give up acting for go-go dancing? Survival. Like many child stars in Hollywood, the acting roles have dried up.

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McIver candidly said, "It's hard when you've been blessed to have success at a young age, and then you wake up at 18 and no one cares anymore."   

McIver is now focusing on a singing career. He's just made his very first music video called, "I Wish I Didn't Need You," and he has no regrets about his new job as a go-go guy.

Laughing, McIver stated, "There's no shame to getting paid to dance around in your underwear."