First Dog To Climb Mount Everest

A dog went from a stray living in India to the top of Mount Everest. INSIDE EDITION has his remarkable tale.

What do you call a homeless dog that goes from a garbage dump to the top of the world's tallest mountain? How about a four-legged miracle?

The dog’s name is Rupee and he's just become the first dog in history to climb Mount Everest!

This remarkable tale began just three months ago when Joanne Lefson spotted the eight-month-old pooch at a garbage dump in northern India, starving and dehydrated.

She told INSIDE EDITION’s Paul Boyd, "He just came to me. I picked him up with one hand. If I just closed my hand I could have crushed his bones."

She was still mourning the death of her beloved dog Oscar, who was supposed to make the Everest climb with her. Just like that, she decided to adopt Rupee and take him on the adventure.

Watch Lefson Recount Their Journey

A special diet of boiled eggs and rice soon had Rupee back to his fighting weight and he was ready to begin the nine-day trek to the top of Everest, through snow and freezing cold temperatures at 17,000 feet above sea level.

"Rupee absolutely led the way! He wanted to be in front all the time," she said.

Boyd asked, “What did Rupee wear on his paws and body to stay warm in some the elements?"

Lefson said, "He wore his fur, obviously. He has a lot of fur. I had some little socks, but he didn't want them, or need them!"

Is it shocking that a dog can brave such elements on the world's tallest peak?  

Animal expert Brandon McMillan is the host of Lucky Dog on CBS. He told INSIDE EDITION, "When I first heard about a dog climbing Mount Everest, I was thinking to myself, 'No way.' Then, I heard the dog was from the area, so, it made perfect sense. Dogs acclimate to their surroundings."

Of course, Rupee did need a little help from his friends.

Boyd asked, "There are portions that are really steep, was he able to paw his way up all the elements?"

Lefson said, "On the very steep portions, we had porters who would carry him."

And when she and Rupee made it to the top, she knew they'd accomplished something special.

She said, “This is a dog who should really not be here. He would have died on the dump site that day. He winds up on top of the world."