Mariah Carey Says Parts of Judging on American Idol were "Hell"

Mariah Carey gets candid about last season on American Idol, and her feeling about Nicki Minaj. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

In a recent interview, Mariah Carey commented on her previous experience as a judge on American Idol, “It was like hell, going to work everyday in hell with Satan.”

Is Carey calling Nicki Minaj “Satan”?

The singer, who famously feuded with Nicki Minaj on last season's American Idol, is finally opening up about her time on the show.  

When asked whether she enjoyed her experience as a judge on the show, Carey replied, “No. Honestly, I hated it.”

Mariah tells DJ Angie Martinez of New York's HOT 97 that when she signed on as a judge, she thought she would be working alongside Randy Jackson and Keith Urban.  

To her surprise, her nemesis Minaj was later added to the panel; this change resulted in tension and drama.

Nevertheless, Carey said her experience on the show wasn't entirely terrible.

“You know, what I loved? I loved the contestants. And some of them were so good and also really good people,” said Carey.