Alec Baldwin Lashes Out, Again

He did it again. Alec Baldwin lashes out at photographers on the streets of New York and INSIDE EDITION was there.

Alec Baldwin was on a rampage on the streets of New York City. 

In a heated confrontation with a woman, Baldwin said, "I asked you a question! Do you want to apologize to my wife? Get the (blank) out of here!"

Baldwin told a police officer, "I want to press charges against the blonde woman."

He confronted TV reporters and mixed it up with a photographer taking his picture with a cell phone.

Watch video of the whole thing.

All this just one day after the woman who stalked him was found guilty.

The latest outburst began Friday morning, when Baldwin returned from walking his dogs and encountered a reporter from local Fox TV outside his Manhattan apartment building.

"You're in my way," Baldwin told the reporter. "I'm coming back with my kid, and if you're still here, you've got a big problem?"

Baldwin went inside, then came out a moment later and continued the tirade, asking the reporter, "Did you hear what I said? Answer me, yes or no."

"Yes," replied the reporter.

"If you're here when my wife and my kid come out here, you've got a big problem," said Baldwin.

Finally, he couldn't resist one last parting shot, turning back to tell the reporter, "Maybe you are as dumb as you look."

Good Day New York hosts Greg Kelly and Rosanna Scotto couldn't believe what happened to their reporter.

Greg Kelly said, "I have to say, he's just looking for a fight. If you're walking on a public sidewalk, you have to deviate sometimes. You don't own the sidewalk."

That was just the beginning of Baldwin's out-of-control behavior.

A short time later, he was walking down the street when he encountered the photographer with a cell phone. He gave the guy quite a shove. Then, the photographer ran after Baldwin, who knocked the cell phone out of his hand. He got pushed into a parked car, and when the photographer said, "You're assaulting me" Baldwin mockingly repeated, "You're assaulting me."

The nasty confrontation finally ended after the two men went face-to-face.

But that wasn't the end of Baldwin's angry day. He ran down the street to retrieve his car for a weekend getaway. INSIDE EDITION was on the scene and asked, "Alec, why are you running from us?"

Baldwin scoffed, "Ha!"

He even recruited ten students from a nearby school to act as security as he packed up the car.

When his wife, Hilaria, came out with their new baby, she recognized a local TV reporter and complained to her husband, saying, "Alec, you see that woman? That's the one that almost hit me." 

That led to an enraged Baldwin lashing out, yet again.

Baldwin confronted the woman and said, "Do you want to apologize to my wife?"

And then his driver drove off, dinging another parked car.

The end of Alec Baldwin's terrible, horrible, very bad day.