Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Gets His Own Talk Show

Embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford still continues to be a punch line for comics, but that did not stop a Canadian TV network from giving him his own talk show. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

There were cheers for embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford when he was at a football game over the weekend—a game he was requested not to attend.

Ford's neck may be on the block for crack-smoking and making crude remarks, but he's high-fiving his fans and holding his head high, except when he trips, as he did when he left SUN TV.

A parody of his off-the-wall behavior on Saturday Night Live brought the house down.

If you think the spoof bothered Mayor Ford, guess again!

Ford was asked by paparazzi, “Did you see Saturday Night Live?"

Ford replied, "Yeah, its crazy, man!"

"Crazy" is the word some are using to describe Ford's behavior, which was showcased in a CNN interview.

Ford said, "I don't smoke crack! I haven't smoked crack in over a year! It's typical media! You guys are all the same! You are all cut from the same cloth! You guys spin it around any way you want!"

Apparently, bad behavior has its rewards. Mayor Ford and his brother, Doug, now have their own talk show, premiering Monday night on Canadian TV!

It's more fuel for the late-night comics.

Jay Leno joked, "They will have their own TV! It is not fair! This maniac will have a TV show, and I won't!"