Mom With Kids In Van Attempts To Flee, Cops Open Fire

Authorities in New Mexico say they are investigating the shocking traffic stop that ended with cops shooting at a minivan being driven by a mom with five children inside. INSIDE EDITION reports.

It was a terrifying moment when a cop pulled over a mom who had five kids in her vehicle. She tried to get away, and another officer opened fire.

Now, the entire incident is under investigation.

Security expert Steve Kardian told INSIDE EDITION, "I'm sure that he regrets firing at the van, especially now that we know there were five children inside. Likely he didn't know that."

The drama started after the woman was given a speeding ticket near Taos, New Mexico. Suddenly, the woman behind the wheel drove away. The cop gave chase and pulled her over again. The mom remained in the driver's seat.

She told the officer, "You see my children, I’m not trying to do anything wrong."

But when she finally got out, things turned really ugly when the cop asked her, "Turn around and face your vehicle." Her 14-year-old son got out and confronted the cop and chaos ensued.

The son got back in the vehicle. Pointing a taser at the teen, the cop ordered him out. Then backup arrived. The officer bashed in the passenger side windows. That's when the mom took off again, and one of the officers opened fire.

He said he was aiming for the tires. The chase was on, at speeds of up to 100 miles an hour. The woman finally pulls in to a hotel and surrendered.

Her name is Oriana Farrell. Hard to believe, but she recently posted a YouTube video about her parenting skills.

So, why did she flee? Police say she had drug paraphernalia in her mini-van. She claims she drove off because she was concerned for her children. The youngest is six years old.

Kardian said, “This all could have been eliminated if the mother just accepted the ticket.”

INSIDE EDITION’s Paul Boyd reviewed the dash cam video with security expert and former cop Kardian.

Boyd asked, “Was he [the cop] in the wrong, discharging that gun? There are five kids in that car.”

Kardian said, “Once they get  the other video, they will review the situation. He was shooting at the tires. Did he violate protocol and procedure? Perhaps.”

In an poll, 44% of viewers said the mom and the cops were equally at fault.

Another 44% thought the officer was in the wrong and 11% said the mom was at fault.

INSIDE EDITION viewers think there is blame all around.

The mother has been charged with fleeing authorities, child endangerment and possession of drug paraphernalia. She has pled not guilty.