Martin Bashir Apologizes for Shocking Attack on Sarah Palin

Martin Bashir is apologizing after making lewd comments about Sarah Palin, but some feel it is not enough. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

MSNBC's Martin Bashir publicly apologized for a truly shocking attack on Sarah Palin which has sparked outrage everywhere.

Bashir said, “I wanted to take this opportunity to say sorry to Mrs. Palin."

He first started bashing Palin by referring to her as a “world-class idiot,” and later continued with a rant during which he suggested that Palin be punished in the same way that slaves were once disciplined—by someone defecating and urinating on her.

Bashir was reacting to the comments Palin made during a Tea Party event as she compared the national debt to slavery.

Even his own colleagues at MSNBC were grossed out.

Joe Scarborough, the host of Morning Joe, said with regards to Bashir’s comment, “It was a deplorable thing to say, and he has every reason to be ashamed.”

Sarah Palin was so upset that she canceled a scheduled interview with the Today show's Matt Lauer to promote her new book.

Bashir is currently eating humble pie and apologizing profusely.

“My words were unacceptable. They were neither accurate nor fair, and they have brought shame on my colleagues at this network,” said Bashir.