Elderly Weightlifters Impress with Strength and Spirit

INSIDE EDITION caught up with some iron pumping senior citizens who aren't letting age stop them from lifting some serious weight.

In a recent competition in Reno, Nevada, men in their 80's and 90's pumped some serious iron.

Dr. Donald Dryer, aged 91, went for the deadlift world record and lifted a whopping 184 pounds.

Sy Perlis, also 91, benched a staggering 190 pounds and beat out his old world record, as his wife cheered him on.

Perlis’s wife shared, “ I have my days where I'm thinking ‘Should he still be doing this at his age?’ And then I think, ‘No, let him do what he wants to do.’ ”

Now, at the age of 86, Robert Fornachon has been body building for decades. He said, “If you don't use it, you’ll lose it.”

He won the prize in his age group, benching an impressive 155 pounds.

And this isn't just a men's club. After stashing her walker by the stage, 87-year-old Evelyn Kilgore also scored a record-setting lift, proving you're never too old to be a champion.