University Of Alabama Kicker Gets Death Threats For Missing Field Goal

A few enraged University of Alabama fans are taking to Twitter and making death threats against kicker Cade Foster. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

INSIDE EDITION is learning about a disturbing new turn in the game the nation is still buzzing about. Auburn University stunned Alabama with a 100-yard return of a missed field goal with one second left on the clock.

Now, some enraged Alabama fans are taking to Twitter making death threats against the kicker.

Surprisingly, not the kicker who missed the 57-yard field goal, the threats are aimed at another guy, Alabama’s No. 43, Cade Foster. Foster had been taken out of the game earlier because he missed all three of his field goal attempts.

“Go die in a hole! ,” one crazed fan tweeted.  

“I hope you get your [expletive] in Alabama. You should run away as far as you can,” tweeted another.

Now Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron, who was comforted after the shocking defeat by his girlfriend, former INSIDE EDITION special Super Bowl correspondent Katherine Webb, is coming to his teammate's defense tweeting: “We win & lose as a team. If u blame this on 1 guy u aren't a true fan!”

WFAN sports radio host Joe Benigno says he isn't surprised by the extreme reaction. He told INSIDE EDITION, "If you can give an immediately reaction to something like Twitter, like we saw at the end of the Alabama / Auburn game, there is going to be trouble."

Some people are calling the jaw-dropping touchdown the greatest play in sports history.

YouTube is flooded with videos showing priceless reactions from Auburn fans. No one could believe what just happened.

The press box was filled in joy  and it was pandemonium in the stands.