Alec Baldwin Defends Martin Bashir After Resignation From MSNBC

Alec Baldwin is coming to the defense of his former MSNBC colleague Martin Bashir after he resigned from the network. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Alec Baldwin is coming to Martin Bashir's defense.

Bashir resigned from his MSNBC show in the wake of the crude comments he made about Sarah Palin.

Alec Baldwin tweeted, “I'm sorry to learn that @Martin Bashir is out at MSNBC. Bashir created great television. I wish @MartinBashir the best of luck.”  

Baldwin's own show on MSNBC came to an end last month following his outburst in front of his New York City apartment buidling.

The network said it had come to a mutual decision with Baldwin to end his show.