Live Version Of 'Sound Of Music' Gets High Ratings

Social media was ablaze with reaction to the live version of The Sound of Music. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

The live TV production of The Sound of Music, starring Carrie Underwood, drew a massive 19 million viewers, NBC's highest non-sports numbers since 2004.

Underwood tweeted, "I couldn't be more proud. What a tough thing to pull off and we did it! I am so blessed!!!"

Most viewers agree that Underwood's singing was great, but her acting has led to some disapproval.

Variety said Underwood, "Handled the vocal chores more ably than the acting."

Inevitably, some viewers thought that Underwood couldn't compare to Julie Andrews, who starred in the phenomenally successful 1965 movie.

One online joker used the famous shot of Andrews with her arms open wide on the mountaintop and spoke of Thursday night's live production, "They missed it by that much."

The show has also become a social-media phenomenon, with many viewers tweeting as it aired.

For instance, Cameron Diaz tweeted, "Hats off to the entire cast and crew of @SoundofMusic Nice work to you all!"

The actress who played Gretl von Trapp in the movie watched the live broadcast and tweeted, "some scenes are actually painful to watch."

Underwood also posted a Instagram photo of her with little Peyton Ella, who played the new Gretl and was over the moon about the photo.

Little Joe West, starring as Kurt, really nailed it when he hit the high notes in "So Long, Farewell."

It was another extraordinary performance for the Broadway star Audra Macdonald, who played the Mother Superior.

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Undoubtedly, there were some scenes where the TV show just couldn't compete with the classic film, such as spectacular final moments in the movie when the von Trapps flee the Nazis and make it safely to Switzerland.

Despite the criticism, the live production The Sound of Music was clearly a memorable and historic TV event.