1970s Fashions Take Spotlight In 'American Hustle'

INSIDE EDITION caught up with the stars of American Hustle, where the 70s fashions are taking some of the spotlight.

It's the fashion that eveyone would like to forget—that 70's style, a time front and center in the new movie American Hustle.

Fashion stylist Dawn Del Russo told INSIDE EDITION, "Seventies fashion overall is pretty hard to look at, I'd say. The women, I think were okay, but the guys, no way."

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Bradley Cooper told INSIDE EDITION at the premiere, "We wanted to be unrecognizable."

Cooper stars as an FBI agent with a penchant for low-buttoned, big-collared shirts, pinkie rings and curly, permed hair.

"It takes three hours every day and I actualy did it. So that puts you in the mindset," revealed Cooper.

Based on Abscam, the real-life FBI sting that nabbed corrupt members of Congress, American Hustle features A-list actors who seem to be having a great time letting down their big 70's hair.

So feast your eyes on an era just about everyone wants to forget.