Interrogation Tapes Released Of Newlywed Confessing Pushing Husband Off Cliff

INSIDE EDITION has details from the just-released police interrogation of Jordan Graham, who confessed to pushing her husband of eight days off a cliff.

Just-released police interrogation tapes of the newlywed bride who killed her husband by pushing him off a cliff in beautiful Glacier National Park have been released.

In the tapes, a Detective said, "Right now, I'm getting the feeling you're not being 100 percent honest with me."

Jordan Graham replied, "Well, I've told you what I know."

The tapes were released after 22-year-old Jordan Graham pled guilty to killing her husband of just eight days by pushing him off the cliff during an argument. Wedding video was played in court that showed the seemingly happy couple reciting their vows.

After her husband, Cody Johnson disappeared, Graham, wearing glasses and a yellow dress was interviewed by cops and gave this suspicious account of where he was.

Graham: "I got a message saying he was going to go for a ride with some of his out of town buddies that were visiting."

She also claimed her husband was upset on the day he went missing.

Graham: "He seemed like he was in a really bad mood, like something had happened but he wouldn't tell me what.  And then.."

Detective: "You guys weren't having any kind of argument or disagreement?"

Graham: "No."

Graham was called back the next day for more questioning. Cops didn't believe her story.

Detective: "Seems kind of sketchy."

Graham: "Yeah."

She then broke down in tears and was comforted by her mom.  

Graham: "I just want to go."

When her husband's body was finally found, she made this confession to an FBI agent:

Graham: "He went to grab my arm and my jacket, and I said no. I said 'I'm not going to let this happen this time. I'm going to defend myself.  So I let go and I pushed and he went over.  And then I took off and went home."

She said the argument started because she was having second thoughts about the marriage. 

The eerie lyrics of this song that was played at the wedding were: "Everyone wants a safe place to fall and you're mine."

Just eight days later, the newlywed bride pushed her husband off a cliff.