Is Tiger Woods In Sex Rehab?

Evidence has surfaced that Tiger Woods is reportedly in a rehab center in Mississippi for sexual addiction. INSIDE EDITION reports.

There's now new evidence Tiger Woods really "is" in sex rehab! A tarp has gone up at the Pine Grove Behaviorial Health and Addiction Services Center in the tiny town of Hattiesburg, Mississippi. A tarp was put up to block photographers from getting a shot of Woods.

Benoit Denizet-Lewis, a contributing writer for The New York Times, has confirmed that Woods is a patient there. The writer says he went through the same treatment program for his own sexual addiction. He says Woods will have to sign a celibacy contract that bans all sexual contact while he is at the center. He will likely feel intense shame at first. Also included in the pricey program are 12-step meetings, arts-therapy sessions and brutal honesty.

Dr. Patrick Carnes, the director of the facility, is reportedly working hands-on with Tiger to help him conquer the demons that led him to repeatedly cheat on his wife.

According to the rehab center's website, the sexual addiction program is a six week intensive program.