Cell Phone Crashing Becomes New Prank Sensation

Cell phone crashing has become a viral hit and INSIDE EDITION sat down with the prankster who created the wild idea.

Ever get annoyed by loud people talking on cell phones? Well, a man named Greg Benson actually did something about it.

In a video, a loud guy was sitting next to Benson on his phone. He said, "It looked really nice too!"

Benson, who was pretending to be on his phone, said, "Good, good. I was hoping it did!"

The loud guy then asked Benson, "Are you answering my questions?"

"No, no. I am on the phone," said Benson.

Benson is a comedian who's cooked up a wild new prank.

He told INSIDE EDITION, "It's called cell phone crashing. I get next to someone who is speaking on their cell phone in public and I start to answer the questions of the person they're talking to."

He even pranked one guy at the airport.

One guy on his phone said, "How late is your flight delayed?"

Benson, who was pretending to be on his phone said, "I think it is about 20 minutes late."

The guy then approached Benson and said, "I feel like you are answering my questions."

Benson said, "No, no, I am talking to somebody."

Benson has certainly struck a nerve. His cell phone crashing video has racked up more than 5.6 million hits with overwhelmingly positive responses.

One comment said, "Hilarious."

"This is awesome," said another.

In another instance, a woman was on her phone and asked, "What do you want for dinner?"

Benson, who was pretending to be on his phone said, "Oh man, I could go for anything tonight. Maybe a burger? Burger and fries, maybe pizza?"

The woman then said, "Where are the kids at?"

Benson said, "I don't have kids."

She then asked Benson, "Are you talking to me?"

He smiled and said, "No, no. I am on the phone. Sorry, sorry."

But some fans wonder whether Benson has gone too far.

One person commented, "I fear I’d get punched more than once for trying it."

Benson told INSIDE EDITION, "I've never had anyone fly off the handle. I really just do this because it's fun."

Benson wants everyone to get in on the fun. He said, "If I can get the whole country cell phone crashing, that would make me very happy."