Toddler Swiggin' from a Beer Bottle at a Phillies Game

Controversy has erupted over a video of a young boy who seems to be taking a swig from a beer bottle at a baseball game.  INSIDE EDITION has the story.

A video has just surfaced of a little boy drinking from what looks like a bottle of beer!

The blonde-haired tot is about 4 years old, and he sat in the stands during the live telecast of the Philadelphia Phillies baseball game this past Sunday.

He clapped with the bottle in his hand and took a swig just like a grownup!

The video is now generating a storm of controversy. "What's drinking age in Philly? 4!" said the headline of the New York Daily News.  

Some believe the bottle was empty, and the kid was just acting.  But the video has become an internet sensation, with one blogger writing, "The parents of that little kid, shame on them!!  Why would anyone let that happen?"

The story is also burning up talk radio!

"First of all, if it was empty, shut up!  Aside from the fact that it was made of glass, that could be dangerous...Okay, if it was empty and the baby wanted to hold daddy's beer bottle and bang it around and make some noise, you're allowed to touch a bottle!"

INSIDE EDITION spoke to talk show host Danny Bonaducci of Philadelphia radio station 94-WYSP.

"If an adult gives a child that looks to be about 4 alcohol, not only should that father be arrested but the crowd that was sitting around that father should be arrested, that's blatant negligence!"

A Phillies spokesperson told INSIDE EDITION, "Obviously, the Phillies, like everyone else, would not want a child to be permitted to consume any alcoholic beverage. We suspect that this was a very brief event, probably involving an empty bottle."

Addiction specialist Jennifer Ginsberg says she's shocked by the video, whether the bottle was empty or not. Ginsberg said, "The fact that he was drinking from a bottle of alcohol, and the adults around him had no reaction, was very disturbing."

The drinking video comes on the heels of another disturbing video that's caused worldwide outrage, a 2-year-old who's addicted to cigarettes and smokes two packs a day! The child is from the remote Indonesian island of Sumatra. Now comes this latest video, from much closer to home.