Homeless Man Turns Out To Be Former Member Of Santana's Band

A man living on the streets of San Francisco was found to be a former bandmate of Carlos Santana. INSIDE EDITION has the incredible story of their reunion.

It started as a TV report on a homeless guy and it's just turned into a story that will make you believe in Christmas miracles. The incredible tale began when reporter Stanley Roberts, of TV station KRON-4 in San Francisco, met a homeless guy raking through trash.

The man said, “One time I found an old pair of jeans and there were $800 in them."

The man told Roberts his name was Marcus Malone and then he made what seemed like a pretty far-fetched claim.

"At one time I was with the Santana band. The original Santana blues band," Malone said.

A stunned Roberts asked, "You were with the original Santana band?"

"Yes. Now I’m homeless and on the streets," said Malone.

Roberts told INSIDE EDITION, "When I see this, I am thinking, 'This guy is probably telling me a fib.'"

When Roberts got back to his office, he did some digging and sure enough, he found Marcus Malone was telling the truth.

Roberts said, "This guy turned out to be someone that influenced the music culture. This was a huge surprise. He actually told me, 'I got in trouble and ended up in jail.'"

Carlos Santana, of course, would go on to become a world-famous musician. Just two weeks ago, he received the prestigious Kennedy Center Honors from President Obama.

Santana saw the KRON-4 report and contacted the TV station, asking how he could get in touch with his long-lost friend.

A few days later, the TV reporter found Malone again and this time he has a surprise up his sleeve. Roberts had brought along Malone’s superstar buddy, Carlos Santana.

Roberts told Malone, "I did some research on you."

Malone said, "You thought I was kidding?"

Santana told KRON, "Magnificent Marcus Malone, I am honored to be in your presence. That is him man, Magnificent Marcus Malone. His spirit is indomitable."

Roberts told INSIDE EDITION, "This is one of those moments that will live on forever. We are working on getting him somewhere else to live and get him cleaned up."

Two old buddies who already have their Christmas gift, a long-sought reunion.