NFL Player Jon Kitna Gives Away His Paycheck

INSIDE EDITION spoke to NFL player Jon Kitna as he comes out of retirement to play for Dallas Cowboys and why he is giving away his entire paycheck to a high school.

Jon Kitna, the big-hearted football player who is donating a huge NFL paycheck to a good cause, is talking to INSIDE EDITION about his inspiring decision. He said, "I don't think I should get a ton of credit for it. I feel like it'd be better used to help others.”

Kitna, who used to play for the Dallas Cowboys, has been called out of retirement as a backup to injured quarterback Tony Romo in Sunday’s big game.

He said, "It's exciting to come and see these guys again, an opportunity you never thought you'd have again."

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Kitna will be paid $53,000 and he's giving the whole amount to a high school in Tacoma. Why that school? Well, he has been teaching math there since his retirement from the NFL in 2011. He's also coaching the school's football team.

Kitna says he and his wife have been trying to help others since he was a regular NFL player.

He said, "We gave away 20% of our income. Some years that was a million dollars, some years $800,000. That's just the way we've always lived our life because that's what we were taught to do."

So, is he nervous about his comeback game against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday?

He said, "Of course. I was nervous every game I suited up for 16 years. It's a big game, hopefully we can get the winner."