Women Lose Half Their Sizes

INSIDE EDITION met with a group of inspiring women who are featured in the new issue of People, who lost half of their body weight and told us how they did it.

Looking at 31-year-old beauty Kaitlyn Ekstrom, you'd never believe that she used to eat a box of waffles with butter and syrup every night for dinner. She even topped the scales at 263 pounds.

Ekstrom of Spencer, Massachusetts went from 263 pounds to 127 pounds, a total loss of 136 pounds. She's quite literally half the size she used to be. So how did she do it? By eating right and exercising.

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent asked her, "You have an interesting exercise. It is called, what?"

She said, "It's called yoga booty ballet."

Ekstrom gave Trent a demonstration that combines ballet moves with yoga techniques.

She now finds herself on the cover of People magazine's annual “Half Their Size Issue.”

She's one of the many inspiring people who have lost half their body weight the old fashioned way—through sensible diet and exercise.

People Senior Editor Michelle Tan told INSIDE EDITION, “This year we have 14 real people who have lost a total of 3,000 pounds.”

Ginger Stauffacher's weight ballooned after she had her third baby. The 38-year-old was addicted to candy, sometimes binge eating on three pounds of chocolate as she drove home from the supermarket. At her heaviest, she was 263 pounds, now, she's 132 pounds. A weight loss of 131 pounds.

Another inspiring story is Marqkria McMiller. When she was 19, she weighed an obese 470 pounds. Her doctor told her she wouldn't live to see 21. So, she started walking and advanced to jogging. She went from 470 pounds to 147 pounds—that's 223 pounds lost—the equivalent of 16 spare tires.

What's her secret? She eats from a kid's plate, keeping her portions small.

Watch the Women Discuss Dropping the Pounds