Polar Vortex Brings Coldest Temperatures In Decades

The country's midsection is experiencing the deepest freeze in decades, with temperatures breaking records as low as minus 55 degrees. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Chicago is being called Chiberia where it's minus 42 with the windchill—colder than the South Pole.

Good Morning America reported, "Every state in the lower 48 will be below zero."

Check out these projected windchills; North Dakota, minus 49; Iowa, minus 44; Nevada, minus 2; Kansas, minus 20; Texas, 1 degree.

But the coldest of all is Minnesota at minus 55. That's colder than Mars. Yes, we mean the planet Mars.

Sunday's NFL playoff game in Green Bay, Wisconsin was one of the coldest in history. It was negative 5 with a windchill of negative 10.

The players strapped handwarmers to their waists and, on the sidelines, wore insulated capes and huddled around industrial heating fans. It was so cold, sportscaster Erin Andrews cut short her post-game interview.

People are posting their cold weather experiments on YouTube. One person threw a pot of boiling water into the air and it instantly turned to steam.

Also on YouTube, someone found that a bottle of water left in a car overnight turns to ice when you shake it.

Another person showed that when you blow a bubble at minus 15 degrees, it freezes.

But here's something you definitely shouldn't try. One goofball in Minnesota is dared by his friends to lick a frozen pole. You know what happens next. His friends are laughing but it's actually very dangerous. A cup of hot water did the trick and he broke free. But he may have permanently damaged the taste buds on his tongue.

So, if the polar vortex is heading your way, the best advice is to stay inside and bundle up.