Former Miss Venezuela Murdered

A horrific roadside robbery has left a former Miss Venezuela and her ex-husband dead and their little girl injured. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

TV’s new Bachelor is speaking out about the horrific murder of former beauty queen and TV actress Monica Spear.  

The Bachelor's Juan Pablo, who was raised in Venezuela, tweeted: "What happened to sad. Still not understanding why we can't stop violence."

Spear's friend, Chelsea Cooley, who competed against her in the 2005 Miss Universe contest, is also speaking out, saying, “Monica was easily once of the funniest, most beautiful and caring individuals God blessed us with. I love her...”

Twenty-nine-year-old Spear is a former Miss Venezuela who lived in Miami. She and her ex-husband, Thomas Berry, were ambushed and shot to death by bandits Monday. Their five-year-old daughter was shot in the leg.

Spear was fourth runner up in the Miss Universe contest and became a major and beloved Telemundo soap opera star.

Just hours before the murder, Spear posted a haunting video of herself online of riding a horse and blowing a kiss to the camera. She also posted a video of her using a zip line, a photograph with daughter Maya, and a selfie with her ex.

Her father, who lives in Orlando, said she had moved back to the U.S. after being robbed six times in Venezuela.

He said, "I am very, very sad. She was expecting that nothing like this would touch her."

Venezuela is one of the most violent nations on earth with 25,000 murders last year, more than the U.S. and all of Europe combined. But the murder of Monica Spear may be a turning point.

Hundreds took part in a rally in Venezuela on Wednesday to protest the violence. The president of Venezuela is vowing to combat crime in the wake of her murder.