Justin Bieber's Home Raided By Police

Police raided the home of Justin Bieber after last week's incident when he allegedly threw eggs at his neighbors home. INSIDE EDITION explains.

Justin Bieber was the target of a massive police raid at his home on Tuesday and the pop idol could wind up under arrest.

Beiber was reportedly detained in his garage as Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputies searched his mansion, looking for evidence that could link him to an egg attack on his neighbor's house.

The felony search warrant was carried out in dramatic fashion. Eleven patrol cars swarmed Bieber's house reportedly carrying a battering ram, in case they had to bash his door open.

During the search, one of Bieber's buddies, a rapper reportedly known as Lil' Za was arrested on charges of cocaine possession.

Lieutenant Dave Thompson of L.A. County Sheriff's Department said in a press conference, "Cocaine was found in plain view of the deputies when they were looking for other evidence."

The hot-tempered Bieber was described as being "cooperative" as his house was searched. Police told INSIDE EDITION they took several items from Bieber's mansion that will be assessed before further steps are taken.

The bizarre egging incident was captured last week on his neighbor’s cell phone. Auto tycoon Jeffrey Schwartz could be heard screaming at Bieber on tape.

Schwartz: "I see you! I (blank) see you!”
Bieber: "(blank) you! I got another one for you actually!"

Schwartz, who has been feuding with Bieber, told INSIDE EDITION the pop star hurled eggs at his front door, claiming, "Bieber attacked me, my daughter and my home."