Devil Baby Marketing Stunt Terrifies New Yorkers

Pedestrians were terrified by a Devil baby marketing stunt for a new horror film. INSIDE EDITION explains.

What was a baby carriage doing all by itself on the streets of Manhattan? It's Devil baby!

Pranksters rigged up a remote-controlled Devil baby to terrorize pedestrians. It was all to promote the new horror movie Devil's Due.

It's all part of a new trend that uses shocking stunts to get attention for a movie or a product.

When the remake of Carrie came out last year, the movie studio used a fake Carrie who appeared to move objects with her mind inside a coffee shop in Manhattan. People were left with stunned reactions.

In another prank, to promote a new HD TV set, the bottom of the elevator looked like it was falling out from under the people inside. Terrified people cling to the sides thinking they're going to plummet to their deaths. But what they're seeing is just the life-like TV monitor.

In another promotion, when the doors to another elevator opened, the people waiting to go in were completely freaked out when they saw something that looked like a murder taking place. One woman tried to stop the murder by swinging a bouquet of flowers. Another woman tried to drag the victim out of the elevator. One guy actually used a fire extinguisher to break it up. The terrifying prank was promoting the Colin Farrell movie Dead Man Down.

These stunts get millions of hits on YouTube, but some are wondering, is it going too far giving people the scare of their lives?

The ad agency that came up with the elevator murder, Thinkmodo, also produced "Devil Baby Attack" which has already gone viral with more than six million hits on YouTube.

For better, or worse, they've scared us all yet again.