Cop Plays Catch With Lonely Kid

Sergeant Ariel Soltura went above and beyond the call of duty to play catch with a lonely kid, and the police dashcam video has gone viral. INSIDE EDITION has more.

There's a police dashcam video that is warming America's heart. When a cop came across a lonely boy with a football, he pulled over to play game of catch with him.

The video has now gone viral with over a million people seeing it just hours after it was posted by the Rosenberg Texas Police Department outside Houston.  

"This just melts my heart," says one typical comment.  

Another said, "This is way beyond the call of duty which makes him more than a policeman."

INSIDE EDITION caught up with the pair the whole nation is talking about, police Sergeant Ariel Soltura and 10-year-old Jermaine Ford.

The cop showed INSIDE EDITION how he turned into the apartment complex on a routine patrol and there was Jermaine standing all by himself on the curb.   

Sgt. Soltura told INSIDE EDITION, "He was throwing a football in the air. You could clearly tell he was having a game of catch, but he was alone."

As the boy walked slowly across the street, flipping a football in his hands, the cop got out of his car.  

Soltura said, "I did the universal sign of throw me the ball, without actually saying it, and you could tell that at that time something snapped in his head and he thought, 'Hey, this guy is actually here to play ball with me.' "

The next thing seen on the dashcam video is Jermaine running and catching the football. When he throws it back, the cop can be seen for the first time. They then take a few heartwarming minutes to play a game of catch you won't soon forget. The cop throws the ball and has to hike up his gunbelt as Jermaine throws it back.  

Watch More Of INSIDE EDITION's Interview With Jermaine and Soltura

Jermaine told INSIDE EDITION, "I never seen a police officer do something like this."

Then the cop signaled Jermaine to go deep before he lofts a long, high pass right to him.  

"That could be anybody's son. I think one of the reasons why it's touched people worldwide is because at one point in time, I think they truly believe they were that kid," said Soltura.

They've now become good buddies. While INSIDE EDITION was there the sergeant, who has a five-year-old son of his own, even gave Jermaine a ride in his police car.

Jermaine lives with his mom and she says he rarely sees his dad. He wants to be a football player or a cop when he grows up. After this unforgettable game of catch, it's easy to see why.