Jay Leno's Candid '60 Minutes' Interview Reveals Details of Departure

Jay Leno gave 60 Minutes a candid look at what his life may be like after stepping down as host of The Tonight Show. INSIDE EDITION has more.

Jay Leno is opening up about what life will be like after The Tonight Show, and it sounds like he's not looking forward to having lots of downtime.

60 Minutes' Steve Kroft asked, "What do you do want to do on vacation?"

"You know, I went to Hawaii for the week. Left on Friday, on Saturday morning I said 'I am out of here.' I am not a big vacation guy," said Leno.

For his interview with 60 Minutes, Steve Kroft, Leno's buddy, Tim Allen was at his side as he invited cameras into his famous garage filled with classic cars.

Allen said, "He said retirement is another word for dead."

"You haven't branched out? You haven't wanted to do new things with your time, with your life?" asked Kroft.

"Well, each each project is a new thing," answered Leno.

Eyebrows are being raised that Leno is doing his farewell interview for the CBS show rather than for NBC, his home for 22 years.

The entire interview airs Sunday night on 60 Minutes.