Justin Bieber Arrested On DUI Charges For Drugs and Alcohol

Justin Bieber was arrested in Miami on charges of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. INSIDE EDITION reports.

It's bad boy Justin Bieber posing for the mug shot being seen around the world.

He may be grinning like it's a big joke, but the charges are very serious. And just look at the dark circles under his eyes.

This afternoon, Bieber appeared before a Miami judge via video link, and he wasn't smiling anymore. He was represented by high-profile legal eagle Roy Black.

Bieber walked off without saying a word after the judge set bond at $2,500. An hour later, Bieber was changed out of his prison jumpsuit as he left jail. He climbed on top of a waiting SUV to wave to fans.

The three-page police report on the arrest has his full name: Justin Drew Bieber. His height: 5 foot 9 inches. His weight: 140 pounds.

The bust came at 4:13 a.m. The charges: resisting arrest without violence, DUI, and driving with an expired driver's license.

A police department representative told reporters at a press conference, "Mr. Bieber made a statement that he had consumed some alcohol, that he admits to smoking marijuana, and consumed some prescription medication."

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The officer says Bieber went off on a belligerent expletive-filled tirade, saying, 'What the (blank) did I do? Why did you stop me?" Bieber allegedly spat. "I ain't got no (blank)ing weapons. Why do you have to search me? What the (blank) is this about?"

"Mr. Bieber, at that point was not cooperating with the officer's instructions," the police representative told reporters.

Bieber was pulled over after allegedly drag racing a rented yellow Lamborghini. He was going at twice the legal speed limit, according to police. A fan who was right there posted the video. 

Bieber was taken away in a prisoner transport van to Miami Dade Jail.
Bieber had been on a wild party spree in South Florida that started on Monday, even getting an unauthorized police escort by the Opa Locka Police Department.

At one strip club, Bieber was reportedly carrying $75,000 in one dollar bills to tip the dancers.

The night of his arrest, Bieber partied at a nightclub called Set, where nearly-naked dancers perform. Huge bottles of champagne being sent to Bieber's table can be seen in a video posted to Instagram.

After Bieber left the club, he cruised around in the yellow Lamborghini with a woman later identified as Chantel Jeffries, a Kim Kardashian look-a-like model.

So, who was Bieber allegedly drag-racing? A rapper known as Khalil Sharief, who was also charged with DUI. Other members of Bieber's entourage were questioned by police.

A police mug shot, a forlorn court appearance, a pop star in crisis.

On The Talk, Aisha Tyler said, "The thing that I was excited about was the idea that there might be some consequences for this behavior."