'Dance Moms' Abby Lee Miller Claims She Was Assaulted

Abby Lee Miller is known for her tough attitude on Dance Moms, but now, she is accusing one of the dance moms of assault. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Abby Lee Miller screams her way through the lifetime hit TV show Dance Moms. But now, she's accusing one of the dance moms of assaulting her. Miller claims she was attacked by dance mom Kelly Hyland, who frequently appears on the show with her daughters. 

It was during a dance competition at Lehman College in New York City that Miller says Hyland became physical. Police charged the mom with assault and harassment after she allegedly pulled Miller's hair and struck her face with the palm of her hand.

Hyland has been ordered not to have any contact with Miller until the case goes to court in March.  She's pled not guilty.  

Paul Martin is Hyland's attorney. He told INSIDE EDITION, "I believe it has gotten to the point that Ms. Miller's antagonism and constant conflict reached a point where it just blew over."

Witnesses say the fight stemmed from an argument that Miller wasn’t giving Hyland’s daughters enough attention.