911 Calls From Movie Theater Shooting Released

INSIDE EDITION has obtained the 911 calls of the incident when a moviegoer was shot by another patron, allegedly due to an argument over texting.

It was a desperate 911 call from a witness inside the movie theater.

911 Dispatcher: “Who shot him?”
Caller: “I don't know, it looks like an older gentleman in the movie theater.”
911 Dispatcher: “Is he still in there?”
Caller: “Yes, he is.”
911 Dispatcher: “The suspect's still in the movie theater?”
Caller: “Yes, yes, yes, yes.”

Inside the theater in Tampa, Chad Oulson was lying fatally wounded. He had just been shot after getting into an argument with another moviegoer over texting.

The caller, a male nurse, yelled to other patrons.

Caller: “Someone start chest compressions. Is there a pulse? Come on, come on, buddy, breathe.”

Chad was not the only victim.

Caller: “There's also a woman who's been shot! It's the wife.”

Chad’s wife Nicole, who was shot in the hand trying to protect her husband, could be heard wailing in the background. Then, a chilling exchange as the 911 dispatcher asks for a description of the gunman.

911 Dispatcher: “Do you know what he looks like?”
Caller: “Yes, sir, I do.”
911 Dispatcher: “Sir, if you can give me any description.”
Caller: “He's right behind me.”
911 Dispatcher: “Yes or no, the person is behind you?”
Caller: “Yes.”
911 Dispatcher: “Can you give me a color of his shirt? Are you able to answer or no?”
Caller: “Kind of a, like a  light blue.”
911 Dispatcher: “Ok, he still has the gun?”
Caller: “Yes”

Things looked grim for the victim.

Caller: “There's two nurses right here. Looks like there's blood going to his lungs so we need someone fast. I'm a nurse, sir, so at this point I’m just trying to make sure this guy stays with us.”

Good Samaritans could be heard fighting to save Chad.

A patron was heard saying, “He's still got color and he's still got. He's still got temperature. Do we have a flashlight?”

Another replied,  “I got one right here.”

Caller: “Check the eyes, the pupils.”

A patron replied, “I am doing.”

It was too late, The 43-year-old father died from the single gunshot.

Curtis Reeves, a 71-year-old former police captain, is being held without bail, charged with second degree murder. He has plead not guilty saying he acted in self defense.