Parasailing Victim Speaks Out

INSIDE EDITION sits down with Alexis Fairchild as she recounts her horrific parasailing accident last year that made national headlines.

Disturbing, never-before seen video of that parasailing accident in Panama City, Florida last summer has surfaced. Under dark and stormy skies, the cable somehow disconnected from the boat towing 17-year old Alexis Fairchild and her friend, Sidney Good.

In the video, screaming can be heard  as the powerful wind gusts carry Fairchild and Good directly into the building just moments later.

Fairchild spoke with INSIDE EDITION’S Megan Alexander who asked Fairchild, “Do you remember putting your hands up?”

Fairchild responded, "I could see things but everything was really fast."

In a call to 911, someone explained, “We are at the Commodore and two parasailers just smashed into the top of it!”  

After crashing into an apartment balcony, the girls spun out of control before landing onto an SUV. Just-released photos show the parasail's ropes laying across one car while the sail itself is tangled around a red SUV.

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Fairchild recalled, “Everyone was rushing around like, ‘You're fine-- she's fine,’ but I just kept looking at myself, thinking, ‘I’m not fine.’”  

Another shocking photo shows Fairchild in the hospital after doctors had to remove a portion of her skull.  She showed INSIDE EDITION the scar that's left even after her hair grew back. After six months of intense rehabilitation, Fairchild says she has trouble concentrating and suffers memory loss.

Fairchild explained, “If I read something, it's in one ear and out the other.  In mathematical things, I went down to a third grade level.”

Fairchild’s friend, Good, also suffered horrendous brain injuries and doctors say she may never fully recover. Sadly, the girls are no longer speaking to each other. They don’t want to go into the reasons why.

Fairchild told INSIDE EDITION, “I really don't think we should worry about that. We should worry about getting our health back.”

Fairchild’s mother dissolved into tears when she remembered the phone call that every woman dreads. She remembered, “They called me and told me they were taking her into emergency surgery.”

Parasailing is not regulated in Florida, which Fairchild’s family discovered after the accident. Their lawyer, Debi Chalik, explained,  “If you were to ask an average citizen about parasailing, they'd say, ‘Of course it's regulated.’ Well guess what? It's not and it needs to be.”

Aquatic Adventures, the parasailing company, says in a statement: "It is our policy not to comment while there is pending litigation.”

Now, this brave teenager has a message for anyone thinking of going on a parasailing adventure. Fairchild warned, “People need to realize that something as simple as parasailing can end so horribly.”