Justin Bieber Spotted In Panama Following Miami Arrest

After he was arrested in Miami last week, pop star Justin Bieber was spotted in Panama with Usher. Could it be an intervention? INSIDE EDITION explains.

Troubled singer Justin Bieber has left Miami and is in, of all places, the Central American nation of Panama.

Bieber tried to get away from his problems by going wakeboarding at a water sports center.

As if to prove that his drag-racing arrest hasn't curbed his need for speed, one Instagram user posted a troubling video of the singer doing risky stunts on a dirt bike.

Bieber was mobbed by fans when he hit the beach in Panama, despite the presence of at least four burly bodyguards to keep the teens away from the pop idol.

With him was his bikini-clad girlfriend of the moment, Chantel Jeffries, who was in the car when Bieber was arrested last week in Miami for driving under the influence, resisting arrest, and drag racing.

Also at Bieber's side was singer Usher, who discovered him four years ago. Usher's heart-to-heart with Bieber is being described as an intervention. Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun, was also there to advise the singer.

Bieber's lack of judgement is being linked in published reports to steroid use, noting his dramatic body transformation.

Bieber's arrest was the talk of the Grammys Sunday night in Los Angeles.

Gloria Estefan told INSIDE EDITION, "My key word is balance. It is hard to achieve when you are young and successful and growing up in the public eye."

Smokey Robinson told INSIDE EDITION, "I met him when he first entered show business and he is basically a nice young man. He is just on the wrong track and there is nobody there to set him on the right track."

Watch More Grammy Artists Speak About Justin Bieber's Arrest

Ariana Grande, who opened for Bieber on his recent tour, told a Boston radio station about her concerns. She said, "He is the most visible and yet isolated human being I have ever met."

Bieber is also speaking directly to his 49 million followers on Twitter, saying quote: "Be strong, God is with us all. My Beliebers changed my life. I will be forever grateful."