INSIDE EDITION's Super Bowl Correspondent Gabby Douglas Takes The Mic

Just days before America's big game, INSIDE EDITION's Super Bowl correspondent Gabby Douglas began her task covering all the events around New York City.

INSIDE EDITION's special Super Bowl correspondent Gabby Douglas took the field with top NFL cheerleaders.

America's Olympic sweetheart couldn't make a move at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey without being stopped for an interview or by a fan wanting to take a photo.

Watch More Of Douglas At MetLife Stadium!

Douglas and INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander snapped their own selfies of Douglas’ first day as a TV reporter. They were with Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning.

Douglas’ petite size actually came in handy as she squeezed right in front of the mobbed superstar. They spoke athlete to athlete.

She asked, "I am Gabby, I am here with INSIDE EDITION."

Manning said, "Hi Gabby, how are you? Congratulations!"

She replied, "Thank you so much, you too! I was just wondering, I just know what it takes to compete on the high stage, I just want to know, how are you feeling? Are you nervous? Are you excited?"

Manning said, "It is similar to you, you are part of a team being over here. Obviously, you have your individual position, individual job that you have to do, just like you did at the Olympics, but you are still part of the group. It is nice to know you are going to have people that are going to help you out and support you."

Douglas was thrilled to get an interview with Manning.

Her day started when she and Alexander picked up their credentials at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jerse, where security was tight.

Their next stop was Media Day at MetLife Stadium where America’s big game will go down on Sunday.

Walking out on the field for the first time, excitement for Douglas kicked in. She said, "This is amazing!"

By far, the biggest attraction at Super Bowl Media Day was Richard Sherman. Everyone wants to know what is on his mind. Ever since the rant heard around the world, all eyes have been on the controversial Seattle Seahawks player.

Alexander asked him, "What is it like to be here?"

He said, "It is incredible. It really is something that has me in awe. All the cameras, all the attention, it is amazing. But, I would really like for my teammates to get some of the attention."