Mom, Baby Rescued From Atlanta Freeze By Good Samaritans

After being stuck for 18 hours with her infant in a car during Atlanta's deep freeze, INSIDE EDITION reunited Kawanna Anthony with the Good Samaritans who came to her aid.

INSIDE EDITION is hearing inspiring stories of Good Samaritans who came to the aid of complete strangers who were trapped in the ice and snowstorm that brought the South to a standstill.

INSIDE EDITION was there as a mom who found herself stranded with her six-month-old baby for 18 hours was reunited with the man who came to her rescue.

Kawanna Anthony's car was towed back to her home in Atlanta on Thursday morning. She and baby Michaela were caught in the nightmare of standstill traffic on I-285 Tuesday afternoon.

She said, "In that 18th hour when he knocked on my window, I think it was the happiest moment of my life."

Hear More From Kawanna Anthony and the Good Samaritans

Kawanna had only two bottles of milk and a few diapers for the baby and no food for herself. She couldn't reach her husband because her cell phone was dead.

She said, "I didn't have any more milk and no more diapers for my baby."

That's when Heather Couch got involved. She set up a Facebook page called “Snowed Out Atlanta” to help stranded motorists. She learned about Kawanna's desperate plight from one of Kawanna's co-workers.  

Heather said, "I woke up and saw that people needed help and went right in there and knew what we needed to do."

When Heather's husband, Todd, finally got home after being stuck all night in traffic himself, he heard about Kawanna and her baby and turned right around to go out and went to her rescue. It took Todd two hours to travel 17 miles, but he found mom and baby and led them to safety.

Todd said, "I was able to get Kawanna and able to get the baby to make the walk across the ice as we were holding on to the semi tractor-trailers as we skated across the interstate."

Other Good Samaritans handed out food and drinks to stranded drivers. An SUV actually towed a stranded school bus. An Alabama woman posted a YouTube video showing their odyssey of being stuck in the storm.

Meanwhile, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed is facing a firestorm of criticism over the city's response to the storm. The mayor pushed back in an angry interview on CNN.

CNN's Carol Costello said, "There were a thousand traffic accidents. People got out of their cars and had to walk home."

Reed replied, "It is easy for you to say from your anchor seat."

TV weather forecasters are blasting the mayor for saying he wasn't adequately warned about the storm. On Good Morning America, Ginger Zee waved a copy of the forecast saying, "It was in the forecast. We had the evidence. You do not want to fight with the people who have the watchings and warnings of weather advisories two days in advance."

The Today show's Al Roker even pounded the studio desk in outrage saying, "The main function of government is to keep their citizens safe!"