Portal To Hell Haunted House Sells

The supposed haunted house in Gary, Indiana, has been sold and INSIDE EDITION knows who made the risky purchase.

Who in the world would buy the creepy house in Gary, Indiana?

It is being called "The Portal To Hell," because the previous owner claims she saw her children levitating in their beds like a scene straight out of The Exorcist.

The new owner is Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures host Zak Bagans. The new season premieres Saturday, February 15. He's just bought the home for $35,000.

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander asked, "What on Earth were you thinking buying this house?"

Bagans said, "I want to see if these entities will return or if I can possibly do more of a study about the house itself. What is in the house? What may be buried under the house?"

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